Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My take on Senator Brownback's Chances of Winning the Presidency

I witnessed a groundswell of support for Senator Brownback's candidacy for president, at the March for Life Monday, after I met him at the Bloggers for Life Conference at Family Research Council. He spoke with me about his consistent pro-life leadership on such issues as the fetal pain bill he's introducing in the Senate, and the bill to provide correct information about Down Syndrome to parents expecting Downs children. He met my daughter Christina who has Downs, and mentioned her in his speech, citing the fact that there is an 80% abortion rate for these children, yet, there is also a waiting list for parents who want to adopt them if they are born.
Senator Brownback comes across as completely sincere, people-oriented, yet a talented politician. He won his Senate seat from the Lt. Governor Sheila Frahm a pro-abortion Republican who was appointed to replace Senator Bob Dole, who was running for president. He was 26 points behind, yet won his seat with 15 points to spare a 40 point gain! He told us at the Conference, that once he connects with the core voters who brave the Iowa weather to make the caucuses, he feels that he will do well in the primaries. Dana Millbank, a Washington Post reporter who was present at the Conference, agrees.

Senator Brownback was originally elected to Congress as part of the Republican Revolution of 1994, and he is one of the few who haven't forgotten his core conservative values. He has won the support of Tom Monaghan of Ave Maria University and Fr. Frank Pavone, as well as Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, and pro-life activist. He draws his inspiration from the works of Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II, to whom he awarded the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

I can't remember a politician who has captivated the marchers like Sam Brownback. His signs were everywhere, and the crowd roared when he was introduced. Look out COD(Culture of Death) Catholic politicians (Guiliani), here comes a man who deserves the label Catholic politician. May God grant him success.

This photo is of a young man campaigning for Senator Brownback at the March for Life.

See who is behind him? Hmmm. . . interesting!

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Esther said...

That is wonderful Leticia! He seems like such a decent man. You and your daughter must have been thrilled to meet him. BTW, one of the links in your most recent post doesn't seem to be working.