Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Please support Team C-FAM/Lejeune as they help Children with Down Syndrome find Mentors

from Austin Ruse of C-FAM

Imagine you are all alone. There are lots of people around you but still you are all alone. No one comes to be your friend. At school you eat alone. After school your only friend is your mom or dad. You see other kids play but none of them come to play with you.

What is wrong with you? Nothing except you have Down Syndrome.

This is the sorry state of affairs for hundreds of thousands of children and adults who have Down Syndrome or other intellectual disabilities. People may think you are strange.They may simply not know how to talk to you. And so they stay away.

Your life can be sad and lonely.

As pro-lifers we know this can be a deadly condition. We know that 80% or more of children with Down Syndrome are aborted.


Because of ignorance. Because mothers know their child may face such a life of loneliness and they simply cannot take it. Or they wonder if they can live up to the needs of such a child.

Happily there is a wonderful organization founded to help people with Down Syndrome find and have friends, friends for a lifetime. This organization therefore helps mothers with babies with Downs in the bellies make the choice for life!

The group is called Best Buddies, an international organization that forms clubs in schools and otherwise trains students and adults how to become friends, lifetime friends, with those with Down Syndrome.

C-FAM and the Friday Fax fully endorse Best Buddies International.

In fact, in October I am climbing on my bicycle and riding 100 kilometers in order to raise money for Best Buddies.

I did this first two years ago in order to lose weight! Ok, it did not really work. But I did become the second highest fundraiser, thanks to your help.

Last year I started a cycling team. We call it C-FAM/Lejeune. We are partnering with the Jerome Lejeune Foundation, which is the largest funder of Down Syndrome research in the world and explicitly pro-life!

Last year C-FAM/Lejeune was the second highest fundraising team. We won the cup for the raising the most of any "independent" team. We beat out major corporations!

We are riding again. Ten of us! And we need your help.

As I promised two years ago and last year, if I win the fundraising cup, in my acceptance speech in front of hundreds of influential people, I will mention the pro-life cause and the plight of children who are aborted in the womb simply for having Down Syndrome! I promise!

We have already taken the pro-life message to this organization. Last year I spent a long time talking to Olympic runner Carl Lewis. He is on the board of directors of Best Buddies. He had never heard that 80% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted. He was appalled!

So, I need to raise $30,000 and I need to do it fast. I am competing with some very rich guys who work for big corporations. I can win with your help and if I win, unborn babies win!

So, please go to and give as much as you can.

Can you afford $100? Can you afford $1000? Any amount will help the children with Down Syndrome.

Go to right now. Do not hesitate. Go now.

Please pray for our success. And give as much as you can to help this great cause. By the way, if you file your taxes in the United States, your contributions are tax deductible.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax

PS Do me a favor and send this to your whole address book, to all your family and friends!
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