Thursday, December 13, 2012

I retweeted the Holy Father on 12-12-12

In those simply worded but profound tweets, I hear his voice, calm but loving, passionate about the conversion of souls yet sensitive to their free will. I am looking forward to checking up on @Pontifex every day. I read a book of daily meditations from the Holy Father, but to hear him 'live' is really thrilling.

It gave me a profound sense of participating in a global conversation in the universal Church, and even though many of the tweets seem hateful, I responded to two of them as evangelistic opportunities, and found two of the negative tweeters more open to truth that they seemed.

Here's one:

Nici Lindsay ‏@nicilind
I was blessed by the last Pope in 88. We chanted ''anti-women, anti-gay, fascist Pope go away.'' And he blessed us. Bless him. #pontifex
Leticia Velasquez ‏@CauseofourJoy
 That's what Catholics do, pray for those who hate us.#pontifex

Nici Lindsay ‏@nicilind I thought it very generous.

Leticia Velasquez ‏@CauseofourJoy You are right, he had nothing but love in his heart for you, I am sure of it. I saw JPII twice in NYC, he radiated love for me.

Here's another;

Angry Man ‏@EeroMartinez
The Pope has a twitter account? But I rather hear it from his boss, @TheTweetOfGod #pontifex #HeilGermanPope
Leticia Velasquez ‏@CauseofourJoyYou can hear from Christ, but you have to sit before Him in the Blessed Sacrament. Confession would help too.

Angry Man‏@EeroMartinez
Does god pick only the people he chooses to love? Can I have a GOD that will love me for what I am? with no conditions?
 Leticia Velasquez ‏@CauseofourJoy
 OF COURSE God loves you as you are. He sent his only Son to die on the cross for you. You must accept his love to know peace.

So, if you are inclined, use the opportunity to evangelize the Holy Father's hecklers. They are crying out for God but their mouths are so distorted by sin their cries sound discordant and bitter. But they are children crying for their Papa nevertheless, and we should help him respond in charity and truth.

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