Thursday, October 04, 2012

Help Austin Ruse speak up for babies with Down syndrome

Austin Ruse, head of CFAM a Catholic pro-family group at the United Nations has an idea to help raise awareness of  Down syndrome and he needs our help. Here is his appeal. 

One of the reasons mothers abort children with Down Syndrome is fear. They fear they cannot handle the difficulties they anticipate. They fear their child's isolation and loneliness.

They may not know, not yet anyway, that children with Down Syndrome are like Angels sent into this world to teach us love! They do not know, not yet anyway, that children with Down Syndrome are life changers!

One organization was founded to assuage that fear and to teach that love.

Best Buddies Intentional was founded to build a network of love and friendship around every child and adult with Downs Syndrome. There are Best Buddies chapters in cities and schools all over the world.

On October 20 along with a few friends, I am riding my bike 50 miles from the Washington Monument out to Leesburg, Virginia in order to raise money for this worthy charity.

Will you help me?

My goal is simple. To raise more money than anyone else in the race. Why? Quite simply, if I am first, at the awards ceremony I will be handed the microphone and this is what I will say,

"Ladies and gentlemen today we rode for a worthy cause, to help those with Down Syndrome live better lives. I rode for them but I also rode for all those unborn children who were aborted simply because they were diagnosed in utero with Down Syndrome. Eighty percent of them do not make it out of the womb alive. Today we rode for the living, but I ask you to remember all those Angels who were taken from us."

Will you help me make that speech?

I have raised $7,200 so far. I am in fourth place. I anticipate I will need $13,000 more to win and to make that speech. Will you please go to my personal donations page and give as much as you are able?

Here is the web site:

No donation is too small, but I need some really big ones, too!

Please pray for this ride and for this effort.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse
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