Thursday, December 09, 2010

Sordid story of Sequenom the merchant of death

They started by spamming my blog Cause of Our Joy, telling my readers that there was "good news". Now Sequenom was coming up with a non-invasive test to diagnose Down syndrome even earlier in pregnancy than amniocentisis. You could have your less-than-perfect child killed before you had to buy pregnancy clothes, and before you had to make excuses to the world about why you were no longer pregnant if you chose to abort the baby. Such a corrupt concept on its face can come to no good. Investors didn't care about the morality of their investments, just the outcome. They lost big time.
 Many investors thought this was a no-lose proposition and invested their money in Sequenom. No test materialized, and now the underlying scandal  has come to light . The test was delayed last April but investors were not notified. Only insiders knew(see quote below). Such are the tactics of the merchants of the Culture of Death. Deal with them and you will get what you deserve.

A Baltimore business consultant and his uncle pleaded guilty to trading on inside information that Sequenom Inc. was delaying the start of a genetic test for Down’s syndrome in April of last year.
Read the entire story at Bloomberg Business Week.
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