Thursday, December 17, 2009

George Weigel on why the health care bill is unacceptable to Catholics

This article goes through the pending health care legislation point by point with Weigel's irrefutable logic, explaining why abortion is not the only reason why Catholics should oppose the current health care plan.
It violates many Catholics prinicples; solidarity with the elderly (whose Medicare will be substantially cut) and the principle of subsidiarity (which warns us not to place too much power in the hands of the federal government).
If you are Catholic and are not fervently fasting and praying for the defeat of this dangerous legislation, start now. Lieberman caved into pressure and only Ben Nelson is standing against this bill.

We are in iminent danger of losing our rights to health care to a panel of pro-death friends of Obama. No matter what the bill says, that's who will be running the health care program, taking away the privacy and security of the doctor-patient relationship.
Weigel has proposed some solutions to the problem of uninsured Americans;.
"For all its virtues, today’s American medical system does not afford access to needed care for some, so it fails the tests set by Catholic social doctrine. We can meet those tests and fix the system’s gravest problems by working incrementally, testing results as we go: changing the liability laws that distort insurance costs, reforming the insurance industry to mandate portability and coverage of pre-existing conditions, lifting the ban on interstate competition in health insurance, and covering the uninsured by tax credits and small business reforms. That would be health-care reform that satisfies Catholic principles across-the-board."
IF the Democrats were interested in truly reforming health care, then they would take their time, and look at some of these excellent suggestions. They have been suggested by many other before this. What is wrong with taking our time to reform the problems, one by one? What could be more important than getting health care right?
Or is health care really the issue?
 Karl Rove was right when he said on Fox News this morning, that Obama knows that 61% of the American people oppose this legislation, and that, if he wants to grab a fifth of the economy and claim triumph by passing this bill, he'd better pull out all the stops, and ram this bill through the Senate ASAP.Before the sleeping giant awakens.
 Is this bill merely a means to an end? Once we are dependent upon the government for health care, will be dare raise our voices in protest when our freedoms are stripped away? Just how much more of the economy does Obama have to control before we are considered a socialist state/
Don't miss your opportunity to make history. Call your senator now.
Stop this dangerous health care bill.

Read his entire article at the Denver Catholic Register on the Archdiocese of Denver.
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