Monday, July 02, 2007

Enough with the violent programs!

"In general, what the commission's report says is that there is strong evidence
that shows violent media can have an impact on children's behaviour and there
are some things that can be done about it," FCC chairman Kevin Martin said
The issue is bipartisan. Mr. Martin, a Republican, gave a joint
interview to The Associated Press with Democratic commissioner Michael Copps.
"The pressure to do something on this is building right now," Mr. Copps
said, noting that TV violence comes up regularly during media ownership hearings
he conducts across the country. "People really feel strongly about this issue
all across this land. This is not a red state or a blue state issue."source: Globe and Mail

Excuse me, but haven't you been discussing this issue for three decades?! Let's take some action, NOW! I voice my opinion regularly via the American Family Association, and their affiliate One Million Moms. I receive petitions and email links weekly to protest sexually explicit, profanity ridden, violent trash on TV, and most times, their campaigns are effective. They were responsible for nearly a million emails sent to the FCC to protest Janet Jackson's Superbowl 'malfunction'. If it weren't for the AFA, the FCC would be a toothless tiger, without the guts to enforce profanity laws. Under Bill Clinton, Attorney General Janet Reno was lenient with child pornographers. We must remain vigilant before the programming gets yet more offensive and damaging to children.

Enough is enough.

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