Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pro-life Governors and Legislatures hold promise for gains

The historic Republican/pro-life takeover of several governorships and  state legislatures (North Carolina hasn't had a Republican Legislature since Reconstruction) holds the promise that life saving legislation like parental notification, restriction of late term abortions,  and prosecution of abortionists who flout these laws will be passed. These laws are responsible for the increasingly pro-life population and lowering the abortion rate, the great majority of gains made in the pro-life movement.

Certainly Governor-elect Sam Brownback intends to do this in Kansas. He will be missed in Washington, but his influence is needed to clean up the corruption Sibelius left behind though her cozy relationship with abortionist George Tiller. Maybe Kansas can lose its reputation as the late term abortion capitol.
Plus, governors will be responsible for redistricting and could draw election districts which favor Republicans in the 2012 election.
Several pro-life candidates offered by the Tea Party were beaten because of the Republican candidate who split the vote, but the votes are still being counted in several governor's races, including CT.
According to Life News, Thus far, pro-life candidates don’t know their fate in Alaska, Rhode Island, and Vermont — though Alaska voters appear to have re-elected pro-life Goveror Parnell.

Read the entire story at Life News.
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