Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New religious order Sisters of the Gospel of Life

Just as many religious owed their vocations to their experience at World Youth Day in the USA in 1992, the Holy Father's visit to the United Kingdom is bearing much fruit. Here is the first new order of sisters in Scotland in 150 years, dedicated to healing the Culture of Death brought about by contraception and abortion.
They are called "Sisters of the Gospel of Life" and have three members so far.

She (Founding Sister Roseann) said that the foundation of her religious community stemmed “from a need of the times” to address the damage done to women and society by abortion and the contraceptive mentality.
“When we didn’t have the education system that we have now, the great teaching orders evolved. When we didn’t have the social services we have now, all the groups like the Daughters of Charity (of St. Vincent de Paul) all came. When we didn’t have the medical system, that’s when the nursing orders came.
“So that’s where our order stems from. From a need of the times. For us, the greatest need was to uphold and defend human life from the moment of conception, to attack this ‘culture of death’.
This is a wonderful development for the Catholics of Scotland, I know how much New Yorkers have been enriched by the wonderful Sisters of Life. 

Read the rest of the story at Life Site News.
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