Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The condom conumdrum is a moot point

Dr Gerard Nadal is not an armchair theologian like some of my commenters on the previous post. He is a microbiologist, and sticks to his area of expertise; HIV transmission. According to the good doctor, condoms are not enough to prevent the spread of HIV:
So the truth of the matter is that condoms have a much, much, higher failure rate than 15% during typical use. In dealing with the transmissibility of HIV, this is catastrophic.
IF you really love someone; you abstain. Period.

Will anyone hear his rational point of view amidst the cacaphony of voices unleased by the Holy Father's comments? Pope Benedict was not recommending condoms, he was merely saying any act towards protecting another is moving towards morality, it shows an awakening of the moral sensibility. No one said it overrides the immoratliy of homosexual acts, or contraceptive acts.
It was meant to make a hypothetical point, which is importnt to understand particularly if condoms are as ineffective as Dr Nadal maintains.
Read  his entire post here.

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