Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pro-life gains in Senate

It wasn't the magic number (10) we needed to have the Senate in Republican hands, but the six (and maybe more after WA results are in) Senate seat gains were pro-life, which is more important. Year after year, we pro-lifers cheered on Republicans only to find ourselves shut out of the discussion once they took office. Now its' a pro-life landscape out there, and we have a seat at the head of the table.

According to Life News:Americans clearly preferred pro-life candidates on Tuesday when it came to the most hotly contested races for the Senate in the 2010 elections
The results make it so pro-life advocates will have an easier time stopping the advance of President Barack Obama’s pro-abortion agenda in terms of abortion funding and pro-abortion judicial nominees for the Supreme Court and other federal court appointments.

It seems that the Blue Dog Democrats who were elected because they were pro-life, but found themselves bullied into voting for Obamacare, took the biggest hit in the election. See the cartoon from John Francis Borra of Veritatis.and the report at Life News on the fight to hide the fact that  Obamacare funds abortion.
Read the entire story about the Senate at Life News.
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