Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gay "Catholics" say Dolan is result of Vatican influence on USCCB

The Vatican influencing the USCCB? The nerve! Who do they think they are the POPE or something!
Somehow I got on the email list for the gay group "Catholics for Equality" . This is one more reason to thank God Archbishop Dolan was elected, their press release. My comments in red.

Catholics For Equality Says Election of Archbishops Dolan and
Kurtz Signals Increased Vatican Influence in US Politics

WASHINGTON - Catholics for Equality is concerned about the anti-equality direction of the U.S. Catholic bishops in their election of Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York as the new president, and Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville as vice-president, of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). This election broke the long-standing tradition of elevating the current vice-president.
Catholics for Equality Board member Rev. Tony Adams said, "following their tradition would have meant electing a noted social justice champion, Bishop Kicanas of Tucson, to lead the Catholic Church in America. Instead, the bishops chose two outspoken opponents of pro-equality civil rights measures." Both men are leaders against civil rights equality in their states and across the country. Translation, these bishops support the Catholic doctrine of the Sacrament of Marriage
Board member and political strategist Aniello Alioto said, "this election broadens the gap between the people of the Catholic Church in America and the increasingly uncharitable demands of the Pope in Rome.Assuming that American Catholics only want to be free of traditional Catholic teaching.  It also threatens the broad American consensus that began with the election of President John F. Kennedy, allowing American Catholics to contribute more fully to the common good as both Americans and as Catholics.Catholics are split equally Democrat/Republican with a shift towards Republican in the last election We are concerned that this election will result in a shift from the pastoral nature of American Catholicism to efforts to politicize in America the will of Rome." Pastoral nature of American Catholicism means do it yourself Catholicism. 
Concern is amplified by the election of Archbishop Kurtz as the new USCCB Vice President. Archbishop Kurtz, as head the Ad Hoc Committee for the Defense of Marriage, has led the Catholic hierarchy's national campaign to deny marriage and family rights to gay and lesbian citizens. Now I know that Brian Brown at NOM is happy! That campaign has been financially assisted by the national office of the Knights of Columbus, most recently through the production of videos that demean and discredit gay and lesbian relationships,this must be their "Fathers for Good" initiative.  as well as single parent and extended family households. Adams said, "American Catholics are alarmed when tax-exempt church resources are diverted from charity, education and parish work into political campaigns and veiled candidate endorsements."
"In his report from the ad-hoc Committee for the Defense of Marriage, Archbishop Kurtz makes it clear that our bishops are waging a new political campaign to change the laws in our country" I thought it was the gay agenda to change marriage laws without voter consent Alioto said. The Committee's report compares court challenges to Proposition 8 in California and the federal Defense of Marriage Act to Roe v. Wade and the battle over reproductive rights. This results in a new "pro-family, pro-life" messaging strategy that harms all non-traditional as well as LGBT families. It contributes to the climate that permits bullying and harassment of youth from such families who become at higher risk for depression and suicide. Here we go, we are accused of bullying when we disagree with them
Catholics for Equality calls upon our bishops to pledge full transparency in all efforts to shift funding from our national charitable, pastoral and educational effortsCCHD funds do go to gay advocacy groups, here is proof into the Pope's interference to deny freedom and fairness in American politics. a so called Catholic group tells the Pope to stay out of American church affairs, It calls on all Catholics of good conscience to monitor and challenge the priorities of our bishops.

I'm monitoring the priorities of our bishops all right, and I love what I see!
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