Sunday, November 21, 2010

I called in to speak with Marc Germaine

I just spoke against Obamacare as a caller on the Marc Germaine Show, trying to discuss why I feel that my daughter will eventually be denied care. In deplorable talk show host dodge, Germaine tried to reframe the debate in a way that he was comfortable, asking unrelated questions like "what objective reasons can you use to prove that we have the best healthcare system in the US?" He went so far off track to keep me from discussing death panels statement of Paul Krugman that he tried to test my knowledge of Japanese health care system.
I was trying doggedly to stick to my point that denying intellectually disabled children care was no solution to the lack of services which many people suffer. I referred to "Healthcare for Gunner" Press Conference on Capitol Hill and Justice for Annie, and I think Marc Germaine was feeling a bit threatened, as he departed from his civil tone and became snarky and dumped my call.
He did say he would like to continue the debate, and I'm ready when he is. I will keep him on topic or I won't debate. I have the facts lined up on my side which proves that Obamacare will not help more Americans obtain access to health care, and I did get to mention that three Catholic hospitals in PA will be closing for fear of being forced by Obama to provide abortions. Read more here.

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