Thursday, November 04, 2010

Election holds many pro-marriage gains

A report from Brian Brown at the National Organization for Marriage. 
All I can say is: Amazing. Last night NOM helped win stunning and unprecedented victories for marriage. And we know it was because of your support.
As you have heard by now, for the first time in the entire history of judicial retention elections in Iowa, theSupreme Court justices were defeated. And not just one, but ALL THREE judges up for retention who forced same-sex marriage on the state were resoundingly defeated by roughly 54 percent. Amazing.
As I said last week speaking next to Congressman Steve King in sunny Des Moines, a victory in Iowa will send shockwaves through the political establishment. The people have spoken and they will not tolerate judges imposing same-sex marriage on the voters.  Period. And now those shockwaves are beginning to be felt. I'm getting calls from reporters around the country shocked that the people of Iowa stood up against activist judges.
 I want you to know this one fact: roughly 80 percent of the pro-traditional marriage candidates we supported won their races.  80 percent.
What does this mean?  In New Hampshire, we flipped the state legislature. And not only flipped it, but it now looks like we have veto proof majorities in both legislative houses.  Though Governor John Lynchwas able to keep his governorship, we will now fight for a vote on a constitutional amendment and a repeal of same-sex marriage in New Hampshire.  And we look forward to the legislature overriding any veto that John Lynch might attempt. 
In Iowa, the House is now in Republican hands and the governor supports allowing Iowa a vote on a constitutional amendment protecting marriage.  We will fight for a vote in Iowa and I am confident that we will win.
In Minnesota, the Governor's race is almost surely going to a recount.  Our efforts highlighting Mark Dayton's support of same-sex marriage played a big role here. But in another historic victory Republicans have taken both houses of the Minnesota legislature. Same-sex marriage will not pass this legislature. And we are now positioned to get a vote on a constitutional amendment protecting marriage.  This is huge.
In Maine, same-sex marriage will not be forced on the people under this new legislature. The legislature is now strongly in pro-marriage hands, and Paul LePage, a great supporter of traditional marriage has won the Governorship. Amazing.
While there were some setbacks--Andy Pugno's loss for California assembly and John Lynch's victory--I can honestly say that I believe this election is a turning point in the fight for marriage.  We now have the ability to roll back same-sex marriage in Iowa and New Hampshire and pass a constitutional amendment in Minnesota.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly more homosexuals were voted in than ever before. Unreal to have open sodomite homosexuals "representing" the American people. Pray hard!