Monday, December 21, 2009

Venerable Pope John Paul II

Faithful Catholics needed some good news this year. The Solidarity leader, the man who saved Eastern Europe from Atheistic Communism is now declared Venerable. And the holy Fr Jerzy Popieluxzko, who died as a martyr during the Solidarity protests. Good thing, the way this nation is heading, we may need their intercession to save America from Communism soon. And the holy Fr Jerzy Popieluxzko, who died as a martyr during the Solidarity protests, pray for us.
John Paul's cause has moved ahead at record speed and his beatification could be the fastest in modern time, if the miracle is approved soon. The Vatican had only waived the five-year waiting period once before, for Mother Teresa, who died in 1997, and was beatified by John Paul in 2003.

In addition to John Paul and Pius, the pope also declared that a young Polish priest, Rev. Jerzy Popieluszko, was a martyr for the faith after he was kidnapped and killed in 1984 by Poland's communist-era secret police. The martyr designation means he can be beatified without a miracle.
Also declared Venerable was Pope Pius XII, who battled the Nazis by saving thousands of Jews from certain death, hiding some in the Vatican itself. Chief Rabbi of Rome converted to Catholicism and took the name Eugenio (Pope Pius' former name)  at his Baptism in honor of the Popes courageous example.

These strong men knew what it meant to suffer for their convictions and have much to teach us in these troubled times.

Read the entire story on Fox News.
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