Monday, December 07, 2009

President Obama takes Christ out of White House Christmas

from the Catholic League

In yesterday’s New York Times, there was an article about White House social secretary Desirée Rogers. In it, reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg wrote: “When former social secretaries gave a luncheon to welcome Ms. Rogers earlier this year, one participant said, she surprised them by suggesting the Obamas were planning a ‘non-religious Christmas….’”
This same participant said that “the Obamas did not intend to put the manger scene on display” (this was confirmed by the White House). Indeed, as Stolberg wrote, “there had been internal discussions about making Christmas more inclusive and whether to display the crèche.”
Catholic League president Bill Donohue addressed this issue today:
Unlike almost all Americans—including atheists—the Obamas do not give their children Christmas gifts. We know this because Barack bragged about this last year to People magazine. So it should come as no big surprise that he and his wife would like to neuter Christmas in the White House. That’s their natural step—to ban the public display of Christian symbols. Have any doubts?
Last April, Georgetown University was ordered to put a drape over the name of Jesus as a condition of the president speaking there.

If the Obamas want to deprive their children of celebrating Christmas, that is their business. It is the business of the public to hold them accountable for the way they celebrate Christmas in the White House. We know one thing for sure: no other administration ever entertained internal discussions on whether to display a nativity scene in the White House.
12-10 UPDATE: This post in the NC Register blog states that though Obama considered not including a creche in the White House Christmas decorations, that he has reconsidered.

Those of you who sign petitions and write emails in support of keeping Christ in Christmas, take a bow.

 The pressure of  public opinion is felt even by the most pro-abortion politician in the nation's history. Even though he is deaf to our pleas to keep health care from the hands of government,
to allow us to follow our consciences when it comes to not participate  in the killing of the unborn,
 and to keep Planned Parenthood out of health care,
even though he is uncomfortable with the name of Christ being displayed where he speaks,
and the only type of Catholics he likes are Kennedy pro-abortion kind,
 even he listens to the public saying "keep Christ in Christmas".

Now that you have bowed, get back to work to defeat that disasterous health care bill.
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Gan Ainm said...

There is a Christamas Creche at the Obama White House... It was set up in the East Room, as it traditionally is.

Gan Ainm said...

So where's the retraction??

In case anyone was wondering, no, the Obama's did NOT change the name of the Christmas Tree to Holiday Tree, and it's also not true that he did not mention God in his Thanksgiving proclamation.

I know its not easy to hear, but the fact of the matter is we have a pretty normal family in the White House these days.

gayle said...

"Normal" in the white house must be joking,! A complete nightmare.

Gan Ainm said...

Yes, Gayle, quite normal still, this year, as in 2009. There's still a Christmas crib at the White House, the tree is still called a Christmas Tree. This has been so since the beginning of the first Obama adminstration and before, Fox-inspired fever dreams notwithstanding, and will be for the next four years, thank God. Consider re-joining the fact-based community for Adven and enjoy a happy Christmas without upsetting yourself with problems that don't really exixt. Peace!

Leticia said...

The trimmings aside, President Obama is planning the biggest assault on Christians ever in our history via the HHS mandate. By August you will see Christians who will not agree to fund abortifacient pills losing their businesses, and their schools, hospitals, charities and social service organizations.