Thursday, December 31, 2009

Obama as a modern day Herod the Great

 Veritatis the Catholic cartoon blog has made a strong case for their similarities here. Lets pray that our nation does not suffer the consequences God inflicted upon Israel for ignoring the Saviour. We have Our Lord but instead of turning to Him in our time of crisis, we voted for a false messiah and get what we deserve; a full fledged proponent of the Culture of Death. And yet we are shocked when he has a cold response to a terrorist attack.We expect a man who publicly admits he would abort his grandchildren to care about the lives of strangers? A man who is supported by NARAL to be a lover of human life?
Deacon Keith Fournier has some thoughts about what America needs to do in the new decade.
" Two years before he became Pope, Karol Cardinal Wotyla (Pope John Paul II) spoke to the Catholic Bishops of the United States. His observation was republished in the Wall Street Journal on November 9, 1978: “We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of the American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel and the anti-Gospel. This confrontation lies within the plans of divine providence. It is a trial which the whole Church… must take up.”
He was so right, over 30 years ago, that the Church had no clue about this mighty confrontation, this central challenge Our Lord was handing as a mission to His Body on earth. We still don't; when Catholic hospitals side with abortion proponents on health care, and the bishops stand by wringing their hands. Our Church has a mission to be militant against the forces of evil; and YES to suffer the consequences. To take up our cross as Our Lord did. Anything less is cowardice and we are failing in our divine call.
I spent my adolescence fascinated reading true stories of righteous men and women who were imprisoned by evil empires; from Vietnam POWs and Cardinal Francois Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan to Corrie Ten Boom, Sts Maximilian Kolbe and Theresa Benedicta of the Cross  and Dietrich Bonhoffer by the Nazis, to Solzhenitsyn's  "The Gulag Archipelago" and Fr Walter Ciszek's "With God in Russia".The reason I read these books, I suspect, is that since the legalization of abortion in my early adolescence, God was strengthening my spine for this conflict. I have only begun to fight.
Are you ready to stand for justice in the face of a darkening national landscape? Against the power hungry, human rights-trampling government? Against your own neighbors and employers with darkened consciences and spiritual blindness? This may seem over the top, but when I see the president's lackluster response to a terrorist attack, his radical appointments to positions of power,  and his constant push last year for the greatest expansion of abortion in our time, I can't help but feel a sense of foreboding.This can only go on for so long with dire consequences for society.
Make this the year you take a stand in the " greatest historical confrontation of our time" to quote Venerable Pope John Paul the Great. Stay close to Our Lord and under the Mantle of Our Lady in prayer and in the sacraments. Stick your neck out, be heard, and be prepared to suffer for what is right.
May God grant us the courage to defend His truth in 2010.


A Voice in the Crowd said...

You get today's "Unfiltered Gospel Award" on this snowy day, Leticia.
This is my personal award, usually reserved for the likes of Fr. Corapi, Msgr. McDonald, etc..

I have been emersed in Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J (giving Jesuits a good name)lately and would add him to your list. He is worthy of prayers of intercession requesting us to be bold in our Faith.

Leticia said...

I am deeply honored by this award. To be in the company of such holy straight shooters means only one thing; I am absorbing their wisdom.
Thanks, voice.