Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ben Nelson caves on health care vote

Deacon Keith Fournier wonders if he had a Judas Iscariot moment over at Catholic Online.
"If Senator Ben Nelson actually sold his vote for a bag of silver for Nebraska then this has become a “Judas moment” not a “Thomas More moment” and its implications are evil.

The timing of such a vote, coming on the Eve of the great day when the entire world celebrates the birth of a baby whose saving life, death and resurrection forever changed human history, is more than profane it is blasphemous! "
How tragic this decision is, and the timing makes it cut to the quick. How many lives will be ended by this decision?

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Jean M. Heimann said...

Judas Iscariot is right! That's it exactly, Leticia. I feel so betrayed by Senator Ben Nelson. I really thought he was a man of integrity -- someone who was concerned with doing the right thing and to learn that he sold out for Medicare...Medicare!!! He sold his soul and the lives of countless human beings for Medicare, which will be basically non-existent when Obamacare goes into effect!!!

I am deeply disappointed and disgusted by this. it seems the devil is working mightily through our politicians.

However, this battle is far from over and they haven't heard the last of our voices yet!