Friday, December 18, 2009

Obama signed death warrant for unborn around the world

“Congress just signed millions of death warrants” says International Pro-Life Leader"

FRONT ROYAL—Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, president of Human Life International, today responded to the U.S. Senate’s passing of a massive $447 billion omnibus spending bill, within which lies almost $700 million for abortion and other population control measures.
“The United States Congress has just signed millions of death warrants,” said Rev. Euteneuer. “They have opened up the floodgates for murderous population controllers to use every means necessary to eliminate the weakest and poorest in developing nations.”
On Sunday, December 14, the omnibus bill, which had already been approved by the House, passed the Senate by a wide margin, funding a wide variety of federal government initiatives and projects. Among the funds approved were $648.5 million for “international family planning” (including abortion and contraception) and $55 million for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which has been exposed as having collaborated with China’s destructive and coercive “one child policy”. With President Barack Obama’s January 2009 reversal of the Mexico City Policy, federal funds are again permitted to be funneled toward groups that perform and promote abortion worldwide—permission that had been denied by the previous Bush administration. The bill is expected to be signed by President Obama soon.

“Our country is broke. We keep having to increase our debt limit so we can borrow more money. And we are now borrowing money so that our government can fund the killing of unborn children. I cannot imagine a scenario more shameful than that which we are now witnessing,” said Rev. Euteneuer.

“When ours was a saner nation, we used to decry the exploitation and destruction of God’s weakest children around the world. In many cases we would even risk our own lives to defend them. Now we are collaborating with those who think that there are too many Africans, too many Asians and Latinos, too many unwanted human beings,” said Rev. Euteneuer. “May God have mercy on us as a nation and our world, and may He defend those who now stand in the crosshairs of the anti-life extremists, including those extremists in our own government.”

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