Thursday, December 03, 2009

Senator Ruben Diaz; the hero of traditional marriage in New York State

In the end, his advocacy for marriage prevailed. This courageous representative is a Democrat with a heart for all of the poor, including our first neighbors, children in the womb. He is Pro-Life. He is a Protestant Minister with a thriving ministry. He is a true representative of the people and understands his obligations to discharge his public office with integrity and for the common good. Because he stood up – and stood out - the effort to amend New York State's Domestic Partnership Law to force the legalization of ‘homosexual marriage’ failed by a bi-partisan vote of 38 to 24.

God bless Senator Diaz, who is also a minister with a thriving congregation. No wonder, he is truly a man of God. We need a man like him in Connecticut!
Read the entire article on Catholic Online.
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