Thursday, December 17, 2009

Desecrating Christmas

No, it's not a story about a vile play called XMAS desecrating  the Most Holy Virgin Mary at Columbia University,  or even the removal of a manger from another town square by the ACLU. It's even worse than telling an eight year old boy he has 'mental problems' for drawing Jesus on a crucifix (read this story on the NC Register blog).
* You might not want to read this if you are squeamish. *
This desecration of Christmas involves the very center of Christmas; God's gift of a baby boy. Only this baby boy, born to an adulterous couple is killed, and when his body won't flush down the toilet, it is wrapped in a Christmas gift box under the tree.
In another incident, a mother shoots her newborn daughter upon birth.
"Tammy had two other daughters. However, she simply did not want this one. So, she killed her with a gun. She was charged with inducing an abortion. However, since she actually fired the gun herself, Judge James A. Moore decided that she could not be so charged because abortion is legal in America throughout all nine months under the holding of Roe v. Wade".
This is the fruit of nearly 37 years of legally killing our children in America. If this murder were done in a 'safe. legal' abortion mill, it would be business as usual. People pass abortion mills on their way to go Christmas shopping every day. Do you do something every day to stop this horror?
Do you pray for the souls of these women and men?
My Jesus, mercy!

Read the entire story on Catholic Online.
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