Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Mayoral candidate asks Kennedy question; gets arrested

So this is free speech in Rhode Island? This is what happens when you question Good King Teddy's heir.
Mr Young is a candidate for mayor of Providence and all he did was ask Rep Kennedy why he supported abortion in the health care bill. And he was arrested for this?
"Why would you mandate Catholics to support the funding of abortion when it goes against our religious beliefs? It forces Catholics to fund abortions or serve a five year prison sentence," said Young. "You make it a felony. This is not a free country. You are forcing people to support a bill that goes against the religious beliefs of the people of this country."

Young was referring to the provision in the House health-care plan (HR 3962) that makes the IRS the enforcer of the health-care plan. It would also make refusing to carry health-insurance or pay an increased tax of 2.5 percent tantamount to tax evasion, a felony offense. House Republicans pointed out that citizens could face a maximum $250,000 fine or a maximum five-year prison sentence for such violations.

But while Young was asking his question police officers - unhappy that moments before the mayoral candidate had tossed a DVD on Kennedy's desk - dragged Young away from the podium. When Young resisted, Police officers proceeded to arrest him.

He was later charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest
Be ready for more of this, those of you who are pro-life and courageous. The thought police are on the march. Watch the video of this travesty of justice here. and here. Be sure to leave a comment.
Read the entire story on Life Site News.
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Anonymous said...

I watched the video and have to disagree with your analysis. This man Mr. Young was not arrested for asking a question. He came dangerously close to assault when he hefted the DVD case in the direction of the seated Mr. Kennedy. Even so, the police officers did not seem "unhappy", except for maybe for the fact they were required to use force to remove the unrully Mr. Young. If he is a mayoral candidate I only hope this was not his finest hour.

Message to Catholics: Only fear the police if you break the law. Speaking calmly and rationally is not breaking the law. Please, SPEAK OUT. Acting courageously at a public debate forum does not mean shouting and resisting law enforcement.

I should also warn you about Life Site News because I have previously encountered this so-called 'news site' and found it to be frequently shamefully-innacurate and inflamatory.

Diane said...

Wow! That is just sooo Kennedy! They amaze me. I expect nothing less from them.

Leticia said...

Anonymous, Mr Young should not have thrown a DVD at Rep Kennedy, and he was on the vociferous side, however, if he had been a liberal, this would not have happened. Ann Coulter has all kinds of things thrown at her on college campuses, and no arrests are made.
How long have you been working for Rep. Kennedy, by the way?

Mike in CT said...

To your point, Leticia, this is what happens to free speech when a conservative is at the podium:


The hecklers are allowed to shut down the forum and run Sheriff Arpaio off the stage. Reminiscent of the Leiberman/ Lamont debate.

Subvet said...

I agree with Anonymous, tossing that DVD and resisting the cop's efforts to remove him was just inviting an arrest.

Yes, there is definetly a double standard. Deal with it. Life is never fair.

Before asking how long I might have been working for Kennedy, check out my own blog. You'll save yourself some embarassment.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Congressman Kennedy wasn't in any physical danger from that DVD. Moreover, Congressman Kennedy could have and should have asked the police why the man was being arrested. And, if it was for throwing the DVD, then, as the "victim" of that crime said, please release the speaker as I have no intention of pressing charges against a man exercising his right of free speech.

The fact that anyone is defending the arrest scares me more than the arrest itself.

Gan Ainm said...

A disheveled, shouting man interupts a meeting and throws something at a Senator (who shares the surname of two other politicians murdered at public political appearances) and he's still allowed to return to the podium to continue a shouting harangue at the speaker?

WAY to tolerant in this dangerous day and age, and very scary, as were the incidents when the man threw the shoes at Bush or the couple crashed Obama's party.