Saturday, November 07, 2009

Stupak amendment passes!

The amendment prohibiting use of federal funds for abortion in the health care bill has passed. This is only one battle, but a crucial one.
However the health care bill passed by only 5 votes. Gerardo Rivera said that the Stupak Amendment may be stripped from the bill in markup. Kristen Hawkins of Students for Life said that Planned Parenthood has already announced that it will try and strip the amendment from the bill in committee.

Still more praying, and calling needed. This time to tell your representative what you think about his vote, and then on to your Senator.
Operation Rescue's Troy Newman has a statement on tonight's votes.
"Washington, DC - The House version of the health care reform legislation narrowly passed with the vote of 220-215 late Saturday evening, but it was done without provisions for the funding of abortions.

The Stupak-Pitts amendment, which will deny tax funding for abortions, handily passed with a vote of 240-194. Abortion funding had threatened to derail the entire House bill on health care with pro-life Democrats strongly opposed to Pelosi's scheme to force taxpayers to foot the bill for abortions.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman issues the following statement on today's votes:

"Today, the voices of 71% of the American people who oppose taxpayer funded abortions were heard loud and clear. We thank each one who took the time to raise their voices in opposition to the Obama-Pelosi-Carhart effort to force taxpayers to fund the shedding of innocent blood through abortion.
"There is still a long way to go to prevent government subsidized health care from paying for abortions. Now the ball is in the Senate's court, and we pray that the common sense displayed in the House on the matter of abortion funding will also prevail in the Senate.

"We will continue to stand on behalf of the voiceless and oppose any efforts to restore abortion funding in any future version of health care legislation. But for tonight, we celebrate this day's pro-life victory defunding abortion, which will save lives and prevent the immoral and fiscally irresponsible bailout of the abortion cartel."

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