Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catholic Church under fire from homosexual activists all down the East Coast

Not only is the Catholic Church under fire in Maine for opposing same sex marriage, in Rhode Island fordefining what it means to be Catholic, but also in DC if it refuses to acknowlege same sex unions.
It's starting to cost to be a Catholic, and it doesn't show signs of improving any time soon. When the homosexual activists lose in the ballot box, they take to the courts. They have big money to impose their intolerance on the rest of us. Not even the needs of the poor move them, they will have their relationships recognized. What they don't realize is that no matter what laws they pass, God's opinion of sin has not changed and can't be legislated. Thankfully the Catholic Church is saying this loud and clear.

from the Family Research Council.
"The D.C. City Council took one step closer to allowing same sex "marriages" in the District of Columbia on Tuesday when they voted the legislation out of the Committee on Public Safety & Judiciary. The panel refused to include protections for religious organizations--putting at risk the numerous churches in the region that provide goods and services to the needy who would have to decide between their faith or compliance with the city's commands. One of the largest area provider of relief services, the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, took a stand yesterday, just as their counterparts in Massachusetts's had done in that state, and refused to back down to the D.C. Council's bullying tactics. The Catholic Church provides a wide range of direct services for those in need in our nation's capitol, including physical and mental health care, legal care, immigration, employment services, counseling, shelter, education, adoption, foster care and services for the developmentally disabled. During the committee proceedings many of the council members were openly mocking religious concerns and one councilman, David Catania, told those gathered that if people of faith refuse to comply with his demands, the city will find someone else to take over everything they do. That will be very difficult for the city to do for they will quickly find, without faith there is little good works. It is very telling of the priorities of these politicians who would put the desires of the homosexual community over the needs of the poor. "
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