Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Atheists target Catholics for good reason

Greg Craven, Vice Chancellor of the Catholic University takes aim at atheists with a bit of humor and salty language; Aussie style.

"The second wearying thing about the new atheism is that it is not new at all. It is so banally derivative of every piece of hate mail ever sent to God that I am amazed Satan has yet to sue for copyright infringement. No old chestnut is too ripe, rotten or sodden, especially when it comes to the Catholics as accredited suppliers of what apparently is the Christian equivalent of methamphetamine."

Catholics are targeted precisely because we stand for the truth which atheists work so hard to ignore. If they really believed in nothing they would casually ignore the Church. But they can't, our faith grates on them, and they must attack, obeying the voice of Screwtape.

Notice how many nasty atheists left comments on the article.

Read the entire article at the Sydney Morning Herald.

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