Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

It seems that our president was not interested in praising President Ronald Reagan, PM Margaret Thatcher or Pope John Paul II for their historic work to "tear down that wall" freeing thousands from communism. The National Catholic Register blog says this about it, "
There’s no question about the role that Pope John Paul II played in the collapse of the wall and communism in general. President Ronald Reagan talked about it. George Weigel wrote about it. Professor Nick Hayes has written about it. And Lech Walesa said something on it.

“The truth is that 50% of the fall of the wall belongs to John Paul II, 30% to Solidarity and Lech Walesa and only 20% to the rest of the world. That was the truth then and is the truth now,” said Walesa."

He was only interested in using the Brandenburg Gate as a symbol for his presidential campagin. In his videotaped remarks for the celebration, he lauded himself as part of the dream of twenty years ago. Having a president who doesn't get excited about the biggest advance of the freedom of thousands in the past twenty years, yet who wants to apologize for Nagasaki and Hiroshima, this is an advance?
I did a paper in high school about the A bomb drop durnig WWII and  concluded that tens of thousands of lives both American and Japanese were saved by dropping not one, but two bombs. If the Japanese emperor weren't a hard headed fanatic, it would only have taken one bomb. That proves that the Japanese would have fought to the last man if Americans invaded Japan. As soon as we conquered them, we rebuilt them, and have been their allies ever since.
America is the beacon of freedom for the world, yet Obama can't stop apologizing for imagined sins. He needs a history lesson.
Read the entire story at the NC Register blog.
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