Saturday, November 28, 2009

Man assumed to be in vegetative state was fully conscious for 23 years

Of course he was!
Just because someone cannot communicate, it doesn't make them a vegetable (awful word). How many poor souls are in a similar situation and have had family members or medial staff make decisions to end their lives against their will, in their full knowlege. They say the sense of hearing is the last to go in a comatose patient. Talk to your loved ones in a coma, tell them you love them. Pray for them.
That is why if you treat all human life with dignity, you will neve make this tragic mistake.
Read the full story here.
Rush Limbagh mentioned this at the end of his program, saying that the pro-life movement will have a lot of ammunition with this case. But since when does the truth interfere with the opinions of the pro-death crowd?
I delayed posting this, due to Thanksgiving, and predictably, the Culture of Death is closing ranks and denying that he is really 'awake'.

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