Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pope Benedict acknowleges the power of new media

"A genuine revolution is taking place in the realm of social communications of which the Church is ever more responsibly conscious. . . . . These technologies make speech and penetrating communications possible, with a capacity to share ideas and opinions; to facilitate acquiring information and news in a personal way that is accessible to all." Pope Benedict XVI
Of course ours is the responsiability to use our blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts for the speading of the good news of the Kingdom of God and not for gossip, slander, or even to waste a precious opportunity to win souls for Christ, as the darkness of the Culture of Death closes in around us.
Use the media for Christ before the Obama Adminstration takes away our free speech, and we are restricted to handing out pamphlets in dark rooms, like the Chinese who are blocked from seeing this blog. Did Obama speak out for freedom speech during his visit to China? NO. He didn't even meet with the people, only with a roomful of Communist apparatchiks. He has already declared war on Rush Limbagh, Fox News, and those of us with the presumption to question Obamacare.
If we don't speak out, we deserve to lose our freedoms.
Read the entire story here.
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