Thursday, November 26, 2009

Harball's Chris Matthews shamelessly berates Bishop Tobin

Here is the  Hardball video of the unbelievably rude behavior of Chris Matthews telling Bishop Tobin he had no moral authority over Congressman Patrick Kennedy, and suggesting he 'reflect' on his behavior. Matthew's arrogance was breathtaking, he gave Bishop Tobin very little time to respond, it wasn't an interview, it was a diatribe; no wonder his ratings are abyssmal!

Now we are going to have to pray hard for Chris' conversion, he has a lot to repent of after this interview. I fear for his soul should he suddenly meet God after treating a good bishop so shamefully and misleading the Catholic public. He has a millstone around his neck, if only he could see it!
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Bill O'Reilly, hardly a model Catholic, was far more fair in his interview, in which he allowed a conversation to take place and even appeared to learn more about his faith. He was fair and balanced. Matthews was clearly agenda driven. No wonder O'Reilly's show is unparalleled. See the article and the O'Reilly Factor video on

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Aussie Therese said...

well after watching 6 minutes of this arrogance, I had to turn it off.

This is outrageous that a journalist can be so rude.

My husband was sitting here listening and he hadn't read what you had written Leticia and he said to me, what kind of journalist is that? He just sounds rude and arrogant. He also pointed out that Chris would ask 5 or 6 questions at a time and when the Archbishop would answer he would cut him off.

I really hope the network Chris Matthews works for gets stuck into him for being so rude.