Thursday, May 14, 2009

Subway driver texting her girlfriend causes $10 million crash

from Mass Resistance.
This is where the homosexual agenda is leading; favoritism for Gay lesbian and transgendered overcomes logical safety concerns.
State sponsored madness: Subway driver who caused huge crash is "transgender". Was "affirmative action" hire because of transgender is now considered a minority by MBTA!

Last Friday afternoon nearly 50 people were injured and $10 million in damages when a subway train beneath downtown Boston crashed into another train that was stopped. The driver later admitted texting "his" girlfriend at the time of the crash and not paying attention.

Used Mass. DMV to change sex on IDs
Now we know that "he" is a "transgender" female who recently used the Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles' (RMV) new transgender policy to have her official driver's license changed from female to male. The subway driver, identified as Aiden Carter Quinn, was known as Georgia Anne Quinn until recently. And ABC News has reported that despite Quinn's bad driving record, including several tickets, she was an affirmative-action hire because of being a transgender!
As wrote:
Quinn was originally hired as a part-time driver by the MBTA under the name Georgia Anne Quinn. In 2007 he was hired for a full-time position from a lottery of minority candidates. He was granted minority status as a self-described "female-to-male transgender," two sources told ABC News. Quinn lists his sexual orientation as "FTM." "[Quinn] was initially hired as a minority and used her transgender status,'' an MBTA source said.
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Renee said...

This is a non-news item here in Massachusetts. And from I listen to as the local coverage, it shouldn't be an issue either. But now hearing he was an AA hire, that's unfortunate. While many people were concerned with his age, many are upset that someone with such a driving record could ever be placed with such responsiblity.

The question I have now is where does one place Quinn for his negligent actions if criminal charges come up. I couldn't imagine even if legally male, that he should go into an all male prison. That to me would be too dangerous for the him.