Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy 97th anniversary Our Sunday Visitor

In an age when Catholic institutions fail to live up to their calling to be salt and light to the world, Notre Dame, we are talking about YOU!
It's inspiring to read the history of Our Sunday Visitor, founded 97 years ago by Father Noll to combat anti-Catholicism. OSV has taken the Catholic side of the debate since, including the divisive issue of Humanae Vitae, and the subsequent decline of catechesis.
"On July 25, 1968, Pope Paul VI issued an encyclical forbidding artificial contraception. Overnight, birth control became the hottest issue of debate among Catholics. Our Sunday Visitor supported the Pope's decision; columnists asked why dissenting theologians should still be teaching at Catholic universities and seminaries.
(We're still asking that question)
The late 1960s witnessed the low-point for the Church in the United States: priests and sisters by the thousands left their ministry; the number of converts plummeted; vocations began to decline at an alarming rate; disagreement was widespread over whether priests and Religious should be involved in politics. Catechetical materials seemed to abandon much of the traditional faith, a development
Our Sunday Visitor decried openly in print."
Long may OSV print the truth of Christ!

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John Norton said...

As editor of OSV, and heir of our founder Archbishop John Noll, I thank you for the shout out and ask you for your prayers. (And why not suggest that your family and friends subscribe?)