Saturday, May 16, 2009

Holy Father sees the hope of Resurrection in the Empty Tomb

I must admit to being one of those cynics who feel that ancient hatred in the Holy Land will only end with Christ's Second Coming, but the Holy Father sees things differently.
"The empty tomb speaks to us of hope," the Pontiff affirmed. "The hope that does not disappoint because it is the gift of the Spirit of life.
"May hope rise up ever anew, by God's grace, in the hearts of all the people dwelling in these lands! May it take root in your hearts, abide in your families and communities, and inspire in each of you an ever more faithful witness to the Prince of Peace!"
The Church in the Holy Land, which has so often experienced the dark mystery of Golgotha, must never cease to be an intrepid herald of the luminous message of hope which this empty tomb proclaims."
Read the entire story on Zenit.

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