Friday, May 01, 2009

Carrie Prejean on National Organization for Marriage video

I have a friend who reminds me of Carrie Prejean. When we were 16 in the late seventies, she, a tall slim blonde Homecoming Queen was entered into a lead up pageant to Miss America. Then she made a decision; she would sing "Jesus said 'Come to the Water'" for her talent. Not that she couldn't sing, but we both knew that her choice of song, even 30 years ago, meant that she would lose the contest. She valued her faith over winnig the contest. Decades later, in a happy marriage with six loving children, and a vibrant Christian faith, she knows she is a winner.
So, in 2009, Carrie Prejean, also an Evangelical Christian , makes the same decision; honor Christ and lose the empty praises of man. Especially one man who is quite virulent in voicing his displeasure. See video here.
But, Carrie Prejean's career is just beginning. It may have been in a completely different direction than she anticipated, but she's not worried. She knows Who she's following.
Read the entire story here. at the National Organization for Marriage website.


titanium watches said...

Well, good for her for being honest. But next time, she might want to consider answering public questions in a more politically correct manner.

Leticia said...

Christians are admonished never to compromise their beliefs, especially in public. What would she have gained by winning the Miss USA title and losing her eternal reward?