Saturday, May 02, 2009

Guest Post: Pro-lifers from Down Under salute American heroes

This family of KENNEDYS from Down Under applaud his Grace Archbishop Chaput, Cardinal Rigali and all the brave USA pro life clergy and laity (Mary Anne Glendon) that have spoken up and out against the impending visit of Obama to Notre Dame.
See it takes much courage to speak up pro life but it has to be done simple as that! These three and so many others (eg the bishops) that have spoken up have all DELIVERED the pro life message par excellence so che bravos encore!
Now the innocent voiceless defenceless unborn need such voices as those above to protect them from the pro abortion mindset that is running rancid in the world !
The pro abortionists have had their run they have to be thwarted!
Pro choice behaviour should never ever be rewarded nor trumpted!
This sycophantic pandering to the agents of death and their cohorts has to stop!
The next generation are our future!
They need protection from the pro abortionists who all conveniently so forget that they too were once the innocent vioceles defenceless unborn, so life is not just for the privileged, the planned, the perfect so God bless America and all the brave pro lifers such as those mentioned above that give such heart to the pro life movement worldwide!
See here in Australia many are so aware of the Notre Dame fiasco as we have been watching the events unfold! What a debacle this invitation and the ramifications of it has truly been!Next time those in charge should think twice about who they invite to events and who they give undeserved honors to.
have a nice day
Aussie Kennedys

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