Friday, May 08, 2009

Homosexual Marriage in Maine, NH next target

In case you think these approvals of gay marriage are the will of the people, you need to do two things; remember Propostion 8 in California which overturned the state Supreme Court approval of gay marriage, and the following statement from Focus on the Family Citizen Link.
Tim Gill's money is buying gay marriage votes nationwide. What he can't buy is our approval, and that of our children IF we are careful to keep their thinking straight. It's going to be an uphill battle with the gay activists controlling the schools. And their best friend in the White House.

New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch has yet to touch the same-sex "marriage" bill that is sitting on his desk. But if he does sign it, some of the "credit" will go to gay-activist Tim Gill, who has poured massive amounts of money into the state.
Gill’s money also has helped pro-gay candidates win seats in California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, New York and elsewhere.
Brad Miller, director of the Family Policy Council Department at Focus on the Family Action, said Gill knows how to make an impact. More than three-quarters of the candidates he has backed have won.
“He networks with like-minded folks across the country, and then he directs those individuals to give," Miller said. "So, it’s not just his money, but it’s the money of other wealthy individuals on the Left.”
Kevin Smith, executive director of New Hampshire’s Cornerstone Policy Research, said that while he may be behind on the financial side of the equation, he still has the public's support.
“Between (Gill's) group and the Human Rights Campaign," he said, "they’ve dumped significant amounts of money — at least tens of thousands.”
Smith said he's counting on the fierce independent streak in New Englanders to resist pressure from Gill and eventually put his lawmakers out of office.
Read more about Tim Gill. recently wrote about Gill.
— Steve Jordahl

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Renee said...

Living in Massachusetts with the Democratic Party representing 80% of the legislature, such lobbies have filled their campaign war chests makes it almost near impossible to oust an incumbent.

In the Northeast there has been a significant out0migration of younger adults who wish to settle down and start families. Maine over the past few decades has had a major problem with its population aging and low birth rates. Their public policy once upon a time wanted to focus in younger families settling down and having children to maintain a sense of community and culture within the state. The state government though has abandon such a concept though.

I wrote about it citing some public policy briefs from 2002 Maine give up on its futureand then again 2008 a local newspaper article cites that towns are losing population. here also