Friday, May 01, 2009

"homosexual acts are sinful" this phrase will soon be illegal

There I said it. Click here to watch a video of what can happen to me for saying that.
Hate crimes legislation which just passed the House will soon make that statement, a product of my Catholic beliefs, a crime. And I love homosexuals. With the love of Christ, which is why I beg them to stop sinning, repent, confess, and go to heaven. As I pray for myself, and all the other sinners out there, I pray for their conversion. Really.
But the activists will not listen: they keep telling us what we can and cannot say. As if silencing us would help their guilty consciences or their tortured lifestyles. According to the website Mass Resistance:
"Given the extreme dysfunctional nature of homosexual relationships, the Massachusetts Legislature has felt the need to spend more money every year to deal with skyrocketing homosexual domestic violence. This year $350,000 was budgeted, up $100,000 from last year."
Yet our homosexual activists won't allow priests and ministers to preach truth from the pulpit without fear.
"Legislators rejected a proposal that would have protected ministers, who speak of the Christian perspective of homosexuality, from being prosecuted for abetting a perceived "hate crime." Critics of the bill say that it threatens to chill free speech, arguing that similar legislation has done so in Canada, Sweden, and the U.K."

Thanks to hate crimes legislation, soon this entire post will have to be deleted if I want to avoid prison or a hefty fine.
Freedom of speech is only meaningful to the homosexual activists when it allows them to fund pornographic artwork with our tax dollars, or foist pornographic websites on library computers.
Read the entire story in Life Site News.

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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

If hundreds of bloggers would post that phrase it would become too difficult for the government to track them all!