Friday, May 01, 2009

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Souter to retire

That's the bad news; while Obama in on a roll of raving liberal appointees; child porn lawyers, abortionist's best friends(Sebelius), abortion apologists, and garden variety tax cheats(Geitner), he might as well replace a liberal on the Supreme Court with a liberal. And thanks to Specter jumping back to the Democratice Party where he began his politicial career, any liberal card carryng-Communist he appoints will sail through the Senate confirmation.
The entire Senate gave ACLU attorney Ruth Bader Ginsburg a pass, approving her 99-0 but Robert Bork was, well Borked. And Clarence Thomas was given a high tech media lynching (his own words, remember?) Catholics Scalia, Roberts and Alito were raked over the coals for daring to see human dignity in the unborn. Come to think of it, the best Supreme Court justices are Catholic (Thomas, Scalia, Roberts, Alito and Kennedy). Kennedy is the one to watch, as he is the swing vote. When he retires (may God grant him long life) there will be the battle of the century, as the forces of death will see Roe v Wade at stake. Was it Laura Ingraham who whispered to a Republican leader, "you can do anything to pro-lifers, just give them the Supreme Court".

Until then, I'll try and look the other way while a left wing maniac is approved to replace Souter, and won't go ballistic unless Reverend Wright or some terroist is appointed. Did someone mention Bill Ayers?
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