Friday, May 08, 2009

Notre Dame; laymen and bishops oppose you

The Rasmussen Reports telephone survey found that, by a 60% to 25% margin, U.S. Catholics say Notre Dame should obey guidelines issued by the U.S. bishops and refrain from awarding an honorary degree to the president. Among all Americans, 52% oppose the honor and 25% support it.
"Faithful Catholics are sick to the heart over this scandal, which reflects decades of such scandals in our Catholic institutions," said Patrick J. Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society. "The Rasmussen poll confirms that this is not about politics … It's about Catholics who are fed up with Catholic institutions betraying their bishops and putting secular prestige ahead of principle, thereby undermining their own Church on the most serious moral issues of the day."

What does a university do when honoring a pro-abortion president has been opposed by 68 bishops, and over 60% of American Catholics?

Is digging your heels in the prudent thing to do Fr Jenkins? Or are you as Archbishop Chaput suggests, just another casualty to vanity and compromise?
Chaput said that while Obama is "a sincere and able man," his deeply pro-abortion principles "run directly against Catholic belief."
"And a Catholic institution should not honor that kind of behavior,"
he said.
While sinfulness is always present in society, said Chaput, "What's new about our current moment is that too many Christians have made peace with that sinfulness, baptized it with the language of personal conscience, and stopped trying to convert anybody - including themselves."

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