Friday, November 07, 2008

Why Republicans are the party of Civil Rights

Award winning journalist Joan Swirsky in this article explains in great detail the track record of the Republican Party on civil rights. It seems that Democrats who support civil rights are the Johnny-come-lately's and want America to believe that anyone who did not vote for Obama did so out of racism. I would have been thrilled if I could have helped elect Alan Keyes as America's first black president. There has never been an American more worthy of the office.
Joan ends her commentary on the election on a positive note:

My perspective is not so bleak. We still have an influential conservative media, a growing number of exciting conservative stars on the political horizon, and an electorate that voted in huge numbers for a Republican candidate who was outspent by multimillions, shamefully savaged by a biased media, and distrusted by many of his fellow Party members. We won’t make that mistake again! And we won’t make the mistake of not reminding the electorate just how contributory we Republicans have been in fighting the Democrats to bring about true racial justice in our country.

Until and unless the socialists among us take away our rights, my country will always be America the Beautiful to me.

HT New Media Journal

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