Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gay protests planned at a State Capital near you

To protest the democratic expression of those who value traditional marriage as in Propostions 8 in California, militant gays are organizing protests at these locations near you.
It's a bit ironic that there is to be one here in Hartford. As of yesterday, Connecticut has been forced to perform gay 'marriage' ceremonies thanks to the Supreme Court of the state legisating from the bench. They should be celebrating instead of protesting. We tried to pass a Constitutional Convention measure so that the people of Connecticut would have a voice in such issues, like Floridians and Californians did, but the National Education Association came up here with $80 million to oppose freedom of choice.
Watch this video, near the end a valiant little lady in yellow carries a large cross to a gay protest rally in Palm Springs, and takes her life in her hands. So much for tolerance!

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