Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The first day of gay "marriage" in my home state of CT

from Focus on the Family
Same-Sex Couples 'Marry' in Connecticut

Homosexual couples began getting "married" in Connecticut today, after the state Supreme Court struck down the marriage law Oct. 10.
Connecticut joins Massachusetts in court-ordered same-sex "marriage"; a constitutional amendment approved by California voters last week put an end to the practice in that state.
The Family Institute of Connecticut, which is associated with Focus on the Family, called the high court's decision undemocratic."Unlike California, we did not have a remedy," said Peter Wolfgang, the group's executive director. "It must be overturned with patience, determination and fortitude."
Gay activists reportedly are turning their efforts to five other Northeastern states: New York, Maryland, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Gay "marriage" legislation already has been introduced in all five states.
Dr. James Dobson's response to the ruling by the Connecticut Supreme Court.
— Jennifer Mesko

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ann said...

In truth, 'gay marriage' is a delusion on the part of the liberal left and the gays--no natural law of the universe accepts such insanity. I believe, even they know, deep in their souls, how dangerous their views are.

Despite their claims of peace, love and brotherhood, the hate they've spewed when the people themselves vote against legalizing gay unions illuminates their bold-faced lying. Even gays who walk away from the lifestyle are pounced upon by the gay community. That's tolerance?

I think the liberal left should publish their own dictionary because, frankly, I'm growing bored with their bastardizing of American english.

Come to think of it, I've had just about enough of their aborting and bastardizing America.