Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holy priests terrify me with their predictions about the Obama administration

It began with Fr Corapis' dire warning, "Death Wish; the Impending Suicide of a Once Great Nation". Then, Fr Benedict Groeschel, in an address to a pro-life Conference predicted the decline of America in the same way Rome was conquered; from it's own sinful sloth. Then my own former pastor, Fr McCartney, who should have his own EWTN show, gave a homily last Sunday at his parish on Long Island, which left me hugging Christina, my daughter with Down syndrome and weeping for her future. (I will be linking to this earth-shaking homily next week when it is available online).
Now Fr Angelo Geiger from the Friary of Our Lady of Guadalupe here in Connecticut, quotes Fr Rutler's near comparison of Obama to the Anti-Christ.
This convergence of opinion from the priests I respect most is the most serious warning I have ever heard about the future of this nation.
If this does not inspire prayer and fasting on our part, then we are beyond hope. We who take the time to write and read Catholic blogs must be the messengers of the urgency of what is coming under President Barack Obama. This is what Rep Chris Smith called "A tsunami of the Culture of Death" in Congress, as he discussed Obama on "The World Over". Soon Congress will be reviving the dangerous "Fairness Doctrine" which is nothing less to shut down websites like these which proclaim the truth. There is discussion of a civilian police force which may someday be rounding up pro-life Catholics. I know this sounds incredible but Fr Groeschel told us how it happened to Rome, the most powerful empire of the world. It happened in Germany, and the entire world went to war to stop it. If the USA is under the totalitarian regime of the Culture of Death, who will go to war to save us, the most powerful nation on earth?

Conservative pundits are lulling us to sleep saying that the economy will keep President elect Obama so busy he won't have time to cause trouble on social issues, but this Washington Post article says differently. While the March for Life was outside the White House, President Clinton enacted three executive orders expanding abortion to military hospitals, halting the Mexico City Policy, and approving fetal tissue research. President Bush immediately issued orders in 2000, re-instating the Mexico City policy , and we can expect President Obama to use executive orders immediately to remove the ban on Federal Funding for embryonic stem cell research, and reverse the Mexico City Policy . Our limited monies will immediately be put to evil use in his first days in office. AND I haven't even mentioned the Freedom of Choice Act which will erase 35 years of painsaking progress on the state level to limit abortions.
Do you see the violent gay rights activists targeting Christians, Mormons and Catholics? Expect them to avoid prosecution, and gain special protection, while pro-life protesters are jailed as they were in the Clinton Administration. AND the media will keep up a wall of silence.

Then the darkness will close in. Get the word out before we no longer can!


Jennifer Wiegand said...

Dear Leticia,

I'm so glad to hear that Father McCartney is going to write out last Sunday's homily. Like you, I was moved beyond words and would like to disseminate that sermon around the world, if possible.

Has Father given his permission to do so, and if he has, can you be sure to e-mail me a copy?

Best wishes and God Bless you,
Jenny Wiegand

Leticia said...

He said it will be available on St Matthew's website under "The Pastor's Corner". I have permission to link to it. His homily must be shared; it is too important to ignore.

Jennifer Wiegand said...

Great, Leticia!

I plan to post it as well.

Thanks for the info,

Anonymous said...

Jenny, do you have a blog? (You'd be a great blogger if you don't)

Leticia, I was two rows behind you and your girls at Mass. There were men nearby quietly weeping during the sermon. Many in the chapel that day joined you in praying for a safe and secure future for Christina, I'm sure of it.


Leticia said...

Joanne, you are right, Jenny must have a blog, she is so well informed on the important issues, we must speak out while we still can.
Thank you for your prayers. I was aware of the weeping, but now I know I was meant to be present at that homily; it focused on what might be in store for innocents like Christina. It's all happened before, folks, under the Nazis, the Chinese, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.

When will mankind learn and turn to God?

Monica said...

I am still stunned that we have done this to ourselves. Yeah, I fear especially for Christina - but also for all the kids.