Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beware of the new FCC chief who champions the Fairness Doctrine

from the Media Research Center
Barack Obama's transition team has tapped Henry Rivera as thenew FCC transition czar. A longtime radical leftist, lawyer andformer FCC commissioner, Rivera strongly supports the so-called"Fairness Doctrine" and could become the "angel of death" toconservative talk radio by supporting liberal leadership in amove to quickly reinstate it.
According to MRC's Media Reality Check "It's another troubling sign that Democrats are serious about trying to reinstate thelong-defunct FCC regulation, which can more aptly be describedas the "Censorship Doctrine" because of its chilling effect onfree speech."
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Conservative Talk Under Siege, with this move, it is obvious what liberal leadership
have in mind and unless we unite, and muster a powerful and resilient front against this attack, liberals will succeed at removing the lastobstacle remaining in their mad drive for domination-complete censorshipof the conservative voice.We simply cannot allow that to happen. That's why we are asking you toclick here right now: Only One Obstacle RemainsThe Left owns the mainstream media. Just one barrier to totaldomination remains--conservative talk radio!Now they stand poised to launch an all-out push to silence free speechby resurrecting the Fairness Doctrine--instituting a radical formof government control that would banish the conservative voice fromthe airwaves!As citizens in this great nation, we simply cannot allow any formof blatant government censorship.
That is why we have launched the Free Speech Alliance, a coalitionof freedom-loving individuals who have joined together to ensure this"Censorship Doctrine" never returns to eliminate the conservativevoice of America.
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We Can Stop Them
We have the power to stop them.We can defeat this radical push and preserve ourFree Speech Rights for generations to come.But we must act now!
Please take a moment right now to join MRC’s Free Speech Alliance byadding your name to our petition:
Media Research Center

Here's Focus on the Family's report on the likelihood of the approval of the Fairness Doctrine
Congressional Democrats have threatened to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, which was put in place by the FCC in 1949 to force the nation’s TV and radio broadcasters to make time for voices on both sides of controversial issues. It was dropped as new technologies offered an abundance of sources for information.
With a 3-2 Democratic majority on the FCC, the Fairness Doctrine could be resurrected without approval by Congress.
Ashley Horne, federal policy analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said the Fairness Doctrine would force stations to stop addressing important policy issues.
“A Christian radio station discussing the issue of abortion would have to give airtime to a pro-abortion voice like Planned Parenthood,” she said. “Rather than present a view that fundamentally opposes the station’s core beliefs, it would likely steer clear of airing controversial topics altogether.”

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