Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pray Pray Pray!

When I was attending President Bush's first inauguration in 2000 after the horrible debacle of an undecided election, my family stayed to attend the March for Life, as we always do on January 22. There was an announcement that those who belonged to "Lepanto 2000" should make themselves known, and the crowd came alive with cheers. Thousands of Catholics had prayed the rosary in imitation of the Rosary Campaign which saved Christendom from the Muslim invasion of Europe.
This is from the EWTN website.
Battle of Lepanto
On October 7, 1571, a great victory over the mighty Turkish fleet was won by Catholic naval forces primarily from Spain, Venice, and Genoa under the command of Don Juan of Austria. It was the last battle at sea between "oared" ships, which featured the most powerful navy in the world, a Musliml force with between 12,000 to 15,000 Christian slaves as rowers. The patchwork team of Catholic ships was powered by the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Knowing that the Christian forces were at a distinct material disadvantage, the holy pontiff, St. Pope Pius V called for all of Europe to pray the Rosary for victory. We know today that the victory was decisive, prevented the Islamic invasion of Europe, and evidenced the Hand of God working through Our Lady. At the hour of victory, St. Pope Pius V, who was hundreds of miles away at the Vatican, is said to have gotten up from a meeting, went over to a window, and exclaimed with supernatural radiance: "The Christian fleet is victorious!" and shed tears of thanksgiving to God.
What you may not know is that one of three admirals commanding the Catholic forces at Lepanto was Andrea Doria. He carried a small copy of Mexico's Our Lady of Guadalupe into battle. This image is now enshrined in the Church of San Stefano in Aveto, Italy.
As many of you may know, President Bush had two favorable Supreme Court decisions which confirmed his election on December 8(The Immaculate Conception) and December 12 (Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe). Our Lady had him under her starry mantle. Read more here about how she may have touched Senator John McCain's life on the blog "Under Her Starry Mantle".
Another great article on the Battle of Lepanto and it's significance for this election is up at Catholic Exchange.
Sign up for Lepanto 2008 rosary campaign here.
We must stop the most pro-abortion presidential candidate in American history from gaining the White House. Watch this homily on what it means for a Catholic to vote for such a candidtate.

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