Sunday, November 23, 2008

The ugly side of the internet

In a culture where women who are used in pornography are called, "adult performers" and there is such a thing as "snuff films" where an actor actually dies in the film, can 'suicide performers' be far behind?
Sadly, not.
A young man informed the "audience" via webcam of his impending suicide which he committed in their view. To the horror of his father, who was unaware of his 19 year old son's actions, those who watched his son take a lethal drug overdose and die on camera, share in the responsibility for his death. Some of the voyeurs did try to contact emergency workers, but they arrived too late.
What were those who watched this young man kill himself thinking? Would he have killed himself if there was no one to watch it? Did it urge him on?
How unbearably lonely does a young man have to be to seek the company of cruel voyeurs as he ends his life?
The cruelest form of entertainment yet is merely the latest symptom of the spiritual death of this culture of death.
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