Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Michael Barone: don't apologize when you spoke the truth

Michael Barone, A political pundit has apologized for saying during a recent conference that he thinks the mainstream media wanted Sarah Palin to have an abortion on her baby Trig, who has Down syndrome. Michael Barone, a frequent commentator on talking head shows was responsible for the dustup.
Barone, the author of the Almanac of American Politics, considered the encyclopedia for campaigns and elections, made the comment during a speech at a meeting of the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges.

The media DID despise Sarah Palin because she gave birth to Trig. They would have and already have aborted him and perfectly healthy babies as well. When 40% of American women are post abortive, there is a lot of rage going around society. It focused on Sarah Palin.
She is a living testament to the pro-life cause, that's why she felt the full force of their fury.
I know. I do too.
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Jean M. Heimann said...

The mainstream media is so sick and corrupt. I am so happy that people are beginning to realize that and are cancelling their subscriptions to these rags. We need to boycott them as much as possible. Isn't it interesting that the most liberal newspapers are losing their readers? More and more people are watching Fox News rather than NBC and CBS.

It was absolutely disagraceful the way they treated Sarah Palin! The lies were outrageous! Can you imagine what would happen if Barack Obama was treated that way?

I'll bet you can relate to the way Sarah Palin was treated in this secular society of ours. It's people like you, Leticia, that make me proud to be a Catholic.

We're not going to let Satan win this battle. Our Holy Mother will crush him!

God bless you! Keep up the good fight!

Leticia said...

And it's wonderful, prayerful, bold Catholics like you, Jean who keep me going!

Anonymous said...

Why apologize? In truth, "the mainstream media wanted Sarah Palin to have an abortion on her baby Trig, who has Down syndrome."

That's why the cretins were so furious because she did, in fact, give birth to Trig. The media are puppets to demons, themselves--of course, their consciences can't stand a Sarah Palin.