Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We're gonna miss ya W!

For those who complained that Bush was not prolife enough check out the lame duct move he makes here.
A last-minute Bush administration plan to grant sweeping new protections to health care providers who oppose abortion and other procedures on religious or moral grounds has provoked a torrent of objections, including a strenuous protest from the government agency that enforces job-discrimination laws.
The proposed rule would prohibit recipients of federal money from discriminating against doctors, nurses and other health care workers who refuse to perform or to assist in the performance of abortions or sterilization procedures because of their "religious beliefs or moral convictions."
It would also prevent hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices and drugstores from requiring employees with religious or moral objections to "assist in the performance of any part of a health service program or research activity" financed by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Clinton used the end of his presidency to pardon terrorists drug dealers and money launderers, and those were just his relatives. Bush uses the end of his presidency to save babies.
We will miss you President Bush, for all your flaws, you are a devout Christian and decent moral man. No president did as much as you for the unborn, and we thank you on their behalf.
As the Obama administration looms ahead, I am more afraid for the future of the innocents of this nation than ever.
HT International Herald Tribune


Anne (aussieannie) said...

AMEN to that!!

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Poor Bush - his image has really suffered. Thanks for defending him for the good he has done.

Precious Feet said...

Hi Leticia,

Thought you and your readers might want to know about this:

"Thanks-gathering" at the White House on January 17, 2009.

Read at

(I have a post about it scheduled for my blog on Thanksgiving Day.)

And...this is an opportunity to say "thank YOU" for all the wonderful items that you share on your blog. I learn much from you and borrow stories, too!