Sunday, July 29, 2007

The movie I'm NOT reviewing here

Some of you who remember that my blog was mentioned by Eric Sheske of the National Catholic Register as a movie-review blog. I was as surprised as I was thrilled, as I never fancied myself a movie critic. I have an image of movie critics which is somewhere between the sepulchral food critic in Ratatouille, and David Niven in Please Don't Eat the Daisies, a pinched-face intellectual who enjoys his power of destroying someone's life work just to look smart at high falutin' cocktail parties.
But actually, I'm nothing like that, in fact I am a little too positive. Why? Because I have a choice in what I review. No one pays me to review films, so if you see a film either here or on Cause of Our Joy, you know it's OK for Catholics. Not all films I review are OK for the kids, however. One of my favorite films, Bella, is rated PG-13 because it deals with abortion (not graphically). There is NO sex or profanity in it. As producer Leo Severino says, "I want to make films, that if the Virgin Mary were sitting next to me, I wouldn't have to cover her eyes".
I like that standard. I follow it here.
Here's a non-review of a movie I will never see. After his little Catholic-bashing performance on The Tonight Show, Robin Williams lost me forever. And I loved RV, even saw a positive view of homeschooling and redeeming family values in it. What a shame, Robin, you are famous enough, you don't need to lower yourself to Catholic bashing to get anywhere. This must be coming from your heart. Your films will never be reviewed here, I don't care if you send me a free ticket!
Here are the films I have reviewed on my blogs:
Amazing Grace
Charlotte's Web

I am David
Miss Potter
Mr Blue Sky
Evan Almighty
Return to Me
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
The Nativity Story
The Bridge to Terabithia

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