Monday, July 16, 2007

Sam Brownback and Rev. Henry Shaver stand up for life in Wichita

The Wichita Eagle quotes from Sam Brownback's new book, "From Power to Purpose".
"The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recently put out new guidelines recommending that all pregnant women be offered screening to determine whether their child may have Down syndrome. The college argues that it is more responsible to inform parents of their options beforehand so that they can decide whether or not to let the baby live.
This recommendation codifies a practice that has become all too common: direct or indirect pressure applied to parents by the medical establishment to end the lives of unborn children with disabilities, because these children are supposedly too much of a burden for their parents to bear.
About 80 percent of Down syndrome children are aborted today. But if these children are born, the Americans With Disabilities Act protects them and assures them of a certain level of accommodation by society. It's one of the most highly touted pieces of legislation of the past 30 years. If you've got a disability, we want to help you.
The irony is that some people are working to make sure that babies with disabilities are never born. That's such a shame.
Many Down syndrome children are the centerpieces of their families. They have amazing gifts and are full of affection. But apparently society thinks nothing about their death in the womb. I raised this question with my colleagues. I've also raised it during hearings on Supreme Court justices. But there's still no support in favor of the life of a disabled child."
Jean at Catholic Fire quoted the above, and wants us to add some pro-life comments on the left leaning Wichita Eagle article.

Wichita is the home of notorious late term abortionist, George the baby killer Tiller, and at this moment there are hundreds of Christians praying outside his mill, that he be converted or brought to justice. Operation Rescue has been covering the story of attempts to charge him with doing late term abortions against the law, upon underage women, both felonies, but the Attorney General, Morrisey who received campaign money from Tiller has continually obfiscated, so that Tiller is only charged with misdemeanors. Sunday, a brave pastor,"Bud" Shaver, got up and read Isiah 1 at Tiller's Lutheran Church. He was arrested for disrupting the service. A Lutheran minister rrested for reading a Bible verse in a Lutheran church (albeit uninvited) and calling a public sinner to conversion. Unbelievable.

How can such things be happening in this once God-fearing nation?!

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