Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Laity's role in the New Springtime of Evangelization

These are excerpts from The Tide is Turning Toward Catholicism by David Hartline, a book I am reading for inspritation as I slog through my various projects this summer. One of my projects is completing an FCC application for a Non-Commercial Educational Catholic radio station. This is discouraging, because the local laity are rather lackluster when it comes to this amazing opportunity to evangelize Long Island with the outstanding teaching on EWTN. I am encouraged, however, to read the following about Catholic bloggers; did you know how influential you are? Dr Joseph Varacalli, of Nassau Community College Center for Catholic Studies knows, and has organized a panel of Catholic bloggers including yours truly, A Long Island Catholic and Dawn Eden to discuss how Catholic bloggers do an end run around the gatekeepers of Catholic information and evangelization at the upcoming conference for the Society of Catholic Social Scientists October 26-27th at St. John's University Law School. If you have a story about how, as a Catholic blogger, you have made an impact, contact me, and I'll include it in my talk, referring to your blog.

"A shining example of Catholic lay involvement is the Internet and specifically the Catholic blogosphere. While Catholicism has been playing catch-up in radio and television, that is not the case with the Internet and the blogosphere. Catholic laity are in the forefront of evangelizing and defending the Faith. While there are thousands of Catholic websites that zealously defend the Church, there are but a handful of heterodox or liberal Catholic websites questioning the Church's teachings. Pope John Paul II's call for a springtime evangelization of the Church has been answered. Indeed the tide is turning!"
Catholic bloggers, take a bow.

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Lisa, sfo said...

>>"These are excerpts from The Tide is Turning Toward Catholicism by David Hartline, a book I am reading for inspiration ...

This looks like just the shot in the arm I need! I'm especially encouraged by the quote you shared about the overwhelming orthodoxy of the Catholic blogosphere. :-D

Thanks for sharing!